Instant Win Games

20 Nov

Instant Win Games and Sweepstakes are similar to playing the lottery. You take a chance of winning something and the odds are against you but it doesn’t cost you anything to gamble! Instant Win and Sweepstakes games are usually held by large companies putting on a promotion, a media source, or maybe even a blogger. The aim is to draw you in for brand awareness, maybe to purchase a new item, or get you to start using a service more often. Whatever the case is there are a lot of them with great prizes!
The key difference between an instant win game and a sweepstakes is with an instant win game you know right away (hence instant) if you have won a prize or not, versus a sweepstakes there is a drawing of all the entrants and it may take a while to find out if you have won. I personally prefer instant win games because I want to know right away if I won something and I only enter things I would want to win anyway.
About two weeks ago I was entering a few games and I thought to myself, “Jeez why do I even waste my time on these things – I never win!” This statement by the way is false – I have won a total of 3 times with sweepstakes and instant win games….just not a lot obviously. Well as I was thinking this I was entering the instant win game with Doritos to see the Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 1 movie and a message popped up saying Congratulations that I had won! I was so excited and it proved me wrong right away, that yes sometimes you do win these games! Just this week my prize package came in the mail, 2 coupons for a bag of Doritos along with two Fandango codes to see the new Hunger Games movie (which I can’t wait to see). I am extremely happy!

So keep this in mind the next time you have the opportunity to enter a contest or a sweepstakes – you can win these, it’s not a hoax…it just might take time and when you win it feels great!
Have you won any contests or sweepstakes? Share below.


Opinion: #BlackThursday

14 Nov

This past week “Black Friday” ads have been leaked for large retailers announcing their Black Friday sales, except they aren’t opening on Black Friday but instead on Thanksgiving. I personally got into Black Friday about 6 years ago when my Aunt who had gone forever basically recruited my cousins and I to help her with her shopping. She had a tradition to go to JCPenny’s whenever they opened to collect these Mickey Mouse Snow Globes they offered to the first X number patrons. I could of cared less about these snow globes but went along because I knew it meant a lot to her. I got hooked on Black Friday shopping from then on out. It was the perfect holiday for me….cut-throat deal shopping…sign me up! Every year since I have gone with my family first to of course help my aunt with her globes but then to go off on our own for special items. In the past two years I have seen more stores opening earlier and earlier and it was no more waking up to be at a store for 3am, or be there for midnight but it has creeped into Thanksgiving.

All week I have been listening and reading people talk about how horrible it is retailer are opening up at 6pm on Thanksgiving and I agree, but the only way that this trend will end is by consumers doing something about it versus complaining. If Black Thursday has little attendance I bet your bottom dollar these stores will push back their opening times. Consumers need to band together and send a message they want their holiday back and realize that these “deals” come at the sake of others missing time with their family and friends. What is the next step? Having stores open all day Thanksgiving?!?!

While all the major retailer stores will open at 6pm on Thanksgiving, I have decided to opt out of that nonsense this year and only start shopping at midnight- on the REAL Black Friday. Yes, I will miss some “deals” and probably some items will be gone but at least in my conscious I will know I am not supporting the time change and interfering with others holidays.

Do you go Black Friday shopping? What is your opinion about the stores opening sooner? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Never Enough Magazines

13 Nov

I probably have every kind of magazine you can subscribe to out there. Every time I see the opportunity for a free subscription to a magazine that I find interesting I instantly sign up. Friends come over and they see my piles of magazines and ask why I have so many and my answer is: Because You Can!

I get magazines like; Self, Glamour, People, US Weekly, Shape, Cosmo, Ebony, Essence, Inc., Rolling Stones, Family Circle, etc.


Reasons why magazines are great:

– Free Magazines

– Magazines hold coupons that you may not have access to otherwise

– Free Perfume Samples

There are a lot of coupons that you can find, mostly food or makeup, in magazines that are higher value that may not be out in the market if you had not found it in a magazine. Additionally, if you want to smell nice without spending the money save all the perfume samples and use them when you are going out.

Tip: If you see the opportunity for a magazine in Spanish even if you can’t read or speak Spanish, get it! Most Spanish magazines are filled with great makeup coupons that are not offered in their English counterparts.

So You Needed WorkOut Pants?

5 Nov

Such a long time no write, ahhh! Sorry life has been a little hectic and i have been missing writing about greats I have found.

For awhile now I have been telling myself how I needed new workout pants but the problem with everything in my life was that I didn’t want to pay too much for it (i.e. $20 or more). Now I knew I could possibly get ugly or okish workout pants from either Walmart or maybe even TjMaxx for say around $15 but once again….too much money! I decided the next time I go to Target I will see what workout clothes they have on clearance and if I did not find anything I’d go to TjMaxx the next day and bite the bullet. Good thing I went to Target first because I scored….BIG!!! Not only did I find a black workout pants in my size, but it was on clearance from $27.99 to $8.38! These pants were C9 athletic wear by Champion and I found a Target Cartwheel deal for 25% off of any C9 athletic clothing items. Instantly I went from $8.38 to $6.28! Because I choose to wait and check Target first I saved over $8 in buying my new workout pants.

I like to always check Target when I need items because I know they have a lot of items on clearance and additionally the if you can find a Cartwheel deal on top it makes for great savings! picstitch

Makeup Clearance Finds At Target

19 Aug

So I’ve been slacking on getting my Sunday Newspaper and it has resulted in me not having certain coupons, but maybe it’s a good thing because then I’d be buying things I did not need. I recently went to my near by Target and found these beauty buys that will be a great deal for anyone who has some coupons! 

Covergirl foundations ranging from ($3.58-$2.08) on clearance in all different shades. Covergirl lipsticks for ($1.78) on clearance in different shades also. Pair these clearance finds up with coupons and you will be walking out with some pretty good deals! 

IMG_1264 IMG_1262 (1)

Hurry! Tilly Sale with FREE SHIPPING!

14 Aug

Today only you can take advantage of FREE SHIPPING thanks to and use HIPSHIP at checkout.


You can also save an additional 25-50% off already reduced sale items here. Combining these two things should make for some great buys!

Need Jeans? Head to Target!

1 Aug

IMG_1223  I stumbled upon a great find this week at Target and it couldn’t have been a better timing because I was in the market for this item. I was in desperate need of new jeans. Luckily I found a bunch of jeans at Target clearanced including different styles and brands. Unluckily for me the one pair I bought was the most expensive clearanced jeans there but hey, who is arguing with $12 jeans ok?!


The jeans I was able to score was called Denizen made from Levi’s and was originally $27.99 but marked down to $19.58. I was able to use Target’s $3 off a $15 purchase or more on jeans coupon along with the Cartwheel 25% off women’s apparel making my total $11.68. 


HELLOOOO! under $12 for a nice pair of jeans, yes please! 

While I was there I also saw a couple different styles marked down to $9 and $6 so if you bought two you could still use the $3 off of $15 coupon. Head to your local Target and see what good jean mark downs you find and let me know.